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Saturday, July 11, 2009


If there are ways to have fun on a Saturday night, just go and rock the party…I have been to a residential Gay party last night and it was rocking, but I was not in my best as usual. There was a theme and a dress code to follow, I was wearing my old low waist jean and black shirt, later on learnt that the dress code is actually Indian traditional. I was overdressed, outspoken, so intoxicated and was trying to dance tango for Mozart's Coronation Mass, felt like I should not be even allowed to walk in public…the beautiful host kicked off the party playing some 70’s numbers including James Last's disco hits and then people started dancing and drinking…cheers were all over the place.

I found many of my old friends and some new friends. And there were plenty of things to talk and giggle about. But unfortunately I ran out of topic, I felt like an idiot sitting in the middle of hot conversation. The host decorated the party room with rainbow sashes hanging on the walls with gold and silver drapes in between, there were candle lights giving a gay mood for the party. Somebody called me to dance when I was busy counting the slashes.

Guys were watching my favorite gay theme movie ‘Birdcage’ when I was seriously searching for my beer bottle. There were so many new guys coming in and going out I had trouble recognizing who is who…Some faces I could recognize through g4m and some through Chennai Dost. There were nearly 33 to 35 guests and was a on-invitation ONLY social evening celebrating the Delhi High Court's ruling over Article 377. But actually the party was rocking in many ways, i must thank the host for putting up an effort to celebrate the verdict against 377. Onething im sure of I must immediately find a tutorial for party lessons.


  1. Hi Viki,
    I heard that an appeal was filed before the Supreme Court challenging the High Court order on Sec 377. But the Supreme Court did not grant stay of the order and only asked parties to reply--That is also a good new as the effect of the order is in force. It is nice to know that we are being considered as "normal human beings". luv SIVA

  2. Hi viki, Your blog rocks as like the party...