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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Written by : Desmond

There wasn’t anyone at home but me, they all have gone to attend a marriage and would be gone till the next evening. Two beers left in my fridge, 21:00 Hrs, perfect time to have some FUN . I login at Yahoo messenger and join the Chennai Global Chat room number 9 !!! 22 M Santhome With place !! I advertise , lots of guys pinged me & I selected two from them they were very HOT (Saw their Cams) ! But they said they cant meet me right then, but swapped numbers with me. I happened to pick up a conversation with one Bro X who earlier used to live in the street perpendicular to that where I lived but shifted to Perungudi. We talked almost everything under the sun, stuff like religion and everything!!! I learnt that he comes from a very devout Catholic family!! And was a parishioner at the same church my dad prays at. We could not meet that very night. We planned to meet the next week or whenever my place was free

Three days later I met him near the church; there was something crazy about his dress and the way he spoke. He was a CATHOLIC PRIEST!!!!! He belongs to the Jesuit Seminary; he was doing a research on GAYS!!! He actually wanted to pick up information and that’s why he had chat with me!!! All this he told me after I took him home and was READY for it!!!! He gave me a picture of mother Mary – Sancta Maria, Mater Dei which means Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us, and gave an hour long lecture on eternal damnation, the bible, Sodom and Gommorah and the laws and the statutes of the Lord!! We went out for a walk after that and he left shortly.

We meet for the second time and now in Loyola College at his room. He prayed for me and took me out for lunch, gave me a longgggg piece of advice to turn STRAIGHT !!! By now we both were more like brothers I started talking to him about my personal problems. But I felt something somewhere was going wrong – yes I couldn’t take a stand and tell him that this is how I wanted to be. We were in contact for a while and used to meet at coffee day until he flew to Afghanisthan to serve at a church there as a lecturer.

One day he again calls me and says he is in Chennai and would like to meet me. The moment he saw me he came running hugged me and said “Good to see you again loving brother, how are you?” and kissed me on my cheeks!! I guessed the next question – Do you still date men ?? I said –YES ! He again started his , Oh! You need Jesus in your life – lecture. I just wanted to leave from there. He did not stay long that time.

Afghanishtani Chruch – Economy teacher – Bro X !! he sends mail about bible , jesus, mother mary, etc.,etc.,!!! But now I took a stand and said im GAY I cant change , Will you marry or not ??? – Yes I will, but a MAN !!! (I was proud of myself when I said that so loudly over phone everyone around me looking at me!!!). he just said – I still love you brother !!! I said - me too.

Month of June – 28th – Chennai Pride Parade everyone is excited, lots of people come out to their parents and close friends!!!

29th I go online J again ;) – Bro X again!!! We were talking about the Pride, and I slowly started talking about how the church tortured the homosexuals and others those days. He said that he doesn’t support everything that the church says, he said- The church says not to use condoms, but what will a married hetero-sexual couple do when they want to have sex and not a baby!!! Use a condom!! I thought now is the moment!! I said – Bro X what do you personally, not what you were taught at the church, you as a priest and your own personal opinion, what do you personally feel about gays. He was explaining many things and said “Religion is between YOU and GOD, just the two of YOU, FUCK the church!!!!” I was sooooooooooo gggllaadddddd I couldn’t type a word I was moved to tears!!! Now I said – Brother I Love you!!! He said – I love you too my dear little one- God bless you!!! He had to go out for shopping and I stepped out of the cafe so GAY and HAPPY!!!!!

Written by : Desmond


  1. Do you have to be so explicit about the conversation between the two of you:).Well i happen to hear in person,yester.I just want to say few things.I haven't come out openly,though my siblings,my best friends and cousins knew about it.I have even written homosexuality on the white board,in my room.But no one has ever asked me why i have written or what it is?.None.As long as you carry yourself with dignity and self-respect,i am sure no one will ever ridicule or question or judge based on just sexual identity.Its the individual s privacy.And no one has a right to question why you like a guy or why you want to marry a guy!!Bottom line-Don't bother about definitions set by man or any institutions because there is no rule on who should love whom,to what extent and whom should get married to whom.If anyone is going to argue with you based on religion or god(?),either they don't know about genealogy of religion or evolution of mankind or topology of the region.In either way,they are not equal to you(in that context) and you can concentrate on more important issues

  2. Hi,
    The "Catholic Affair" was really hilarious and that too when it turned out to be the priest. Well it was nice of the priest to accept the fact that it is between you and god. However I have a strong feeling on reading this that the priest could himself be gay and is prevented from disclosing it because he is a priest and thinks he should not venture beyond.
    It wll be worth asking. Any way it was good.

  3. ;) Gay or Not Bro.X will always be my lovin brother for life !!!

  4. Entertaining piece. Having gone to Jesuit schools and college throughout my education, I can say that the bros are generally quite open minded in comparison with other sects. Ah-men!