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Friday, July 10, 2009

Hope for a change

No matter how hard you try, there are certain things in the world you cant change...there is this proverb in our hills "Always ask for the best part of the snake flesh, if you are living in a snake eating world"...this proverb is actually in one of the Coorgi local language which i have tried my best to translate in English. But is it possible for a gay to pretend like a straight in a hetrosexual world?...How long i can pretend to be a straight guy in one world and gay in another world, certainly i dont want to live with a multiple personality disorder. Though most of my friends and family people know my sexuality, I still kept my straight and gay world apart. After the Chennai Pride, I have determined to bring these two diverse world together; so that I don’t have to live two lives at the same time…I don’t have to pretend…I don’t have to live a lie

But the task is not easier, most of my heterosexual friends are reluctant to meet my gay friends, but the converse is not the same. In the beginning the reluctance of my straight friends to blend with my gay circle was quite surprising to me, but later on I found out the reason behind it. The reasons are as follows

  1. Almost of all these straight friends have become my friends without knowing about my sexuality, when they learnt about my sexuality, later on somehow they have accepted to it, but they have not accepted homosexuality in general.
  2. Most of these straight friends are homophobes one way or other. They used to crack jokes about homosexuality. Suddenly it is difficult for them to accept the idea of gay as natural and human.
  3. Though they have accepted me as a friend, but they can’t be the same to my other gay friends, because their sexuality comes to their mind first but not friendship.
  4. Because these people know me for several years, they think iam so unique unlike other gays. I’m not gay stereotype and I don’t seduce them, pretty funny though

Well, honestly as of now I have no solutions to solve this problem, but I might come up with one sooner or later. As of now only thing I can do is to avoid these homophobes or try to educate them. One thing which iam certain of is to make sure that they had no choice in accepting my gay world if they intended to keep up with my friendship for long.

We still need to go a long way for a better civilization, for acceptance of the diversity, for the acceptance of the Freedom of will, it takes time, and it may take years in India…Lets hope for a change


  1. Ok. Now tell me what is the connection between the proverb and the content of the post. To match with the content then the proverb could be rephrased as "Ask for the most beautiful girl if you are living in a hetrosexual world".

    No point.

  2. oh even though i am not out ,to any one accept my close mom is discussing this with my dad telling him god created adam and eve and not adam and adam... so people are really pissed by 377 why do they need to be so hypocrites

  3. The proverb actually means get used to the condition if you dont belong there and try to do it best...

  4. What about gays who reject gays for body imperfections?
    Gays demand big tool and face like Tom Cruise.

    and to be younger than 25 always!

    What about that?

    IT is straights who gave me friendship never gays !

    Straight guys are far more sensitive and understanding than gay guys .

    Gay to Gay rejection is far more than Straight to Gay rejection.

    Please open your eyes.

    Thank you sincerely.