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Friday, July 24, 2009

On an Evil's night

On Thursday night in the middle of my deep sleep, I received an urgent call from one of my friend, his voice was wobbly, he was breathing heavy, he sounds like he might drop the mobile phone anytime and then he asked me if I am online. It was 1.45 a.m midnight. It was the same time all the dead ones will be wandering down the street without any goals, my grandma used to say that all these creatures used to jump from one tree to another and they even sing chorus. While looking at my grandma’s face, her wide open mouth and her grey hair fallen over her shoulder, I used to believe these creatures do exist. Sometime I secretly watch my grandma at every 1.45 a.m midnight.

Coming back to the point, I told my friend with an irritated tone that nobody will be online at this ghost time, unless you are some Call centre guy trying to hold a conversation with an irritated customer to educate him the difference between Microsoft Windows and glass windows of his house. 5 years before I was working in a call centre as part time, my shift actually starts at 2.00 a.m midnight. My dad usually jokes about it saying that if I am a call centre guy or a call boy leaving for work at midnight. Of course I was getting fucked by those irritated US customers by phone. I was wondering what triggers my friend to wake me up in the middle of my sleep and wanted me to be online. He asked me to go online and check Well then, I lost my patience. I told him that he dared to wake me up this time and check some stupid videos, but eventually I did. I logged in. As usual my internet is one of the slowest things in the world; it remains you all those Tortoise and Rabbit race stories. For example if you wanted to check a mail from your uncle who lives in Canada, by the time my internet shows my mailbox, I would have gone by boat to his house and returned back. Well, I don’t have any better example to showcase my slow internet connection.

After switching on my Laptop I thought of having some fresh air, so I opened the front door and then I was baffled at what I saw in front of my eyes. I saw a thing in round shape, covered with blood and some other flesh. It was there lying just opposite to my front door. I saw it on the television news 2 days before that these days they kill people, cut their bodies into several pieces and through it in random places. Probably, some murderers killed someone and thrown his head in front of my opposite flat. I had this quiver all over my body, suddenly my heart pulse gone high and I was expecting my heart in my open mouth anytime. I have adjusted my eyes, put the lights on of the front area and seen the thing. My heart went again to its original place; fresh air coming from the open space was blowing in front of my face. The thing which was lying in front of my door is not actually a head of a human body, it was a pumpkin covered with red powder (kungumam). The guy who is living in my opposite flat believes in all these Mantra & Magic. The scary little thing in front of the door must be one of his belief to get rid of his problems, I thought he must get rid of his alcoholic habit first, instead scaring his neighbors with his magic and mantra items.

When I came back inside my house, the internet connection somehow managed to pull itself in. I went straight to and checked the videos that my friend asked me to watch. I was about to puke then, I ate only 2 chapattis that night and I felt it might come out anytime. The video was showing some guys pictures that have profile in PlanetRomeo. It was a screenshot, showing several guys’ pictures, details of their sexual preferences and location etc. There was even a contact number. This time I was annoyed by this. Whoever posted this video must be really aggravated by the rejections of these guys and wanted revenge. This is not the first time somebody posting a screenshot of gay’s pictures in youtube. Last year somebody did the same and I found several of my friends’ pictures in that video too. I had to inform one of my friends who was working in Google operations to remove the video. Also I have realized the moment the news about this video got out to the community most of the guys removed their face-picture from their profile.

We are putting up so much effort to motivate and encourage guys to come out of their closet, but video like this will not be helpful at all. I have no idea who is posting these types of videos, but either he must be a homophobic who wants to discourage gays or someone who wants to be a famous queen asking his friend to post the guy’s picture including his own. Last time we let this guy go, but not now. We have found clues about the guy who is posting videos like this and he will be punished. If things like this continue to happen we will take legal action against guys who are laughing at gays and bisexuals. Please remember that Gay sex is almost legalized in India and we are just waiting for one more step to go ahead. If you are going to do all sort of evil things like this and refuse to respect others privacy in our Gay community, sooner you will be educated by us.

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  1. Hi Vikki,
    Your mid night experiene was funny--but the issue is bad-- Strict action should be taken immediately if not even the straight guys who have no reservation to be friendly with gay guys and who think that gays are also equal will start doubting and shy away from gays.
    luv SIVA

  2. ur description is good by any chaNCE IF U RECEIVE MY COMMENT MAIL ME AT