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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Beauty lies beneath the heart

Someone said if you want friends and enemies write a blog. Well, guess i did that exactly. Pouring comments and calls about my self advertisement in some of the articles (im not doing it intently) from friends. I would like to leave a blank for explanation and let them think whatever. Criticism comes through popularism (dont ask me who said that). But i have decided to let you guys know about the another face of mine (make sure your Cardiologist is sitting right behind you, hope he is not a gay top).

1. Iam not a hottie (if you mean hottie = fair + tall + gym tone + attitude + red lips)
2. I never went for dating , not atleast one guy from g4m
3. I received " Not interested" message 100 times more than "interested" message
4. If im the hottest, my ex-boyfriend would have never broken up with me.
5. Some of my friends told me "im an evil" after i let them know that im gay.
6. In g4m forums especially threads like "do u like to date the guy above" or "Do u think the guy above u is hot or cute" , guys next to me always jump on to the next guy by not considering me.
7. My stats (it will not be impressive) and im dark (being dark has been considered as ugly in gay world, but i never did)

Anyone in the streets can tell you their personal definition of beauty: who they think is beautiful and who isn’t. And the surprising thing is that despite the common saying that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, people will come to roughly the same conclusions of what is beauty. Suffice to say, there are common definitions to what the definition of beauty is, which is much determined by society as a form of survival of the fittest.

In a recent paper entitled "What is beauty anyway?" came to the following conclusions: when asked what is beauty, would say boils down to two characteristics: 1. Happy. 2. Healthy. Notice in the characteristics’ description; perhaps they fall somewhere in the healthy category! Is this answer to "What is beauty" too simplistic? Let’s take a close look. There is more to the definition of beauty than meets the eye.

Here you go, Why i think im a hottie? no one born beautiful, they have been made of or grown of.
- I know how to carry myself
- I know the differences of my weakness and strengths
- I know what dress suits my physic
- I have practised to carry a style of my own
- I know how to present myself to the public
- Above all, Im not worried what you think about me, because im self confident.

Note: Just like the bloggist, criticist also have some responsibilities to motivate, encourage and let the blogger not deviate from the vision. But the comments should have some depth knowledge about the article or understanding of the blogger's expression. Mr.Anonymous lacked both. He just took one sentence and wrote his comments. May God forgive his sins...

P.S : I will be more careful in my coming up articles about self advertisement. Thanks (for my pics check my profile in g4m , id is vp2 ... for ur reference, Anonymous)


  1. Hey!!!!
    Come on, I find dark men super good looking...
    are you forgetting men like Vishal (tamil) and Allu Arjun (telugu) who are quite dark?
    Sendhil Ramamurthy (considered hot even in hollywood!)...
    yes gay men will always like the thin, fair and handsome...
    but as the famous tamizh song goes...
    "Karuppuh dhaan ennakkuh pidichchuh colour-uh!"
    Cheers da...
    Lovely blog :)
    Keep it up :)

  2. Dear Blogger ,
    First u have to thank me for making a comment , which made u to Think / rethink about u & I believe , should have elated your spirit , when u were writing points like “Why i think I’m a hottie”. This retrospective that was made possible only becos of my “ single sentence “ comment which lacked depth ( as per u ) , but had enough potential to make u think about u & to become open about your self , & we get a direct , non – Drama , simple ,personal details about u ( although I can fell your anger towards me ) . All said & done , I keep reading your blog & try to comment , where ever possible ( u accept / acknowledge / or pray for my forgiveness , is altogether a different issue ) which , I think is the best encouragement that we ( I ) can give . But I thank u again for accepting that u were ( are ) self advertising . Any ways I confess & accept some facts given by u . “BEAUTY IS BEING HEALTHY & HAPPY “ “ BEAUTY LIES ON THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER “ . I have never told in my comment s that u will look “ non beauty “ , my entire comments was about your self advertisism & not about your beauty , which u failed to address & instead u started talking about beauty .

    Hope every thing shall be taken in good spirit & not otherwise. We cannot satisfy every one’s expectations & the best way to live, happy & healthy is being your self.

  3. Yep, i must thank you for giving me a topic to talk about. Iam basically from the marketing background so sometimes i tend to sell myself. Anyways, i would appreciate your comment and will look forward for more in the future

  4. Well i understand what you meant at least a little bit,it is not, simple to communicate here,in a blog,especially to gays,because most gays have been rejected by most,because of the internet,the western or European Stereotypes have rusted our brains that we are not able to see what is in front of us.

    Actually its very silly if we think about the theory of attractiveness, for example,similar looking guys = (or like) similar looking guys,or similar aged guys =( or like) similar aged guys ,but in the end or the beginning every guy wants sex,(at least in mind),which can be made joyful by anyone to anyone .....hold your guns.....> if we do not see the attractiveness theory.

    Human gays look for healthy looking guys which equals, guys who exercise ,go to gym,practice yoga etc.Because our female side of brain which made us gay,is looking for healthy genes for getting pregnant(though gays cannot)the genes signal our brains and we add European and Asian stereotypes to it finally making dating literally impossible because of so many requirements.

    Whatever ,portraying your experiences as a regular gay guy who had lots of fun with similar lookers, can make us jealous and feel deprived of love ,since a few guys like me do not date much and get much due to monogamous searches or rejections due to ugly external, and so that will induce self pity which can in turn trigger anger towards you,who happens to be a stranger .

    So forgive us for our rants but be more humane to fellow gays who cannot get anything out of dating or cruising because, they do not fall in anyone's requirements.

    But stay safe and healthy out of skin infections etc.for a change nature has been good to ugly gays like me.