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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Make a Fashion statement

Last Newyear my dad wanted me to go for shopping with him. I was bit surprised when my dad let me select the dresses for him. I bought him two faded jeans and a t-shirt which looked totally cool. My dad also bought sunglasses which he never had one. Well, i thought my dad wants to look young(infact he looks like my elder brother with those outfits)

Thick moushtache, oily hairstyle, ironed shirts and trousers, chappels etc...They have all gone now. Everyone wants to make a fashion statement these days. Globalization has played its part. Now our outfit has become more trendy and fashionable. Metrosexuality brought pierced rings, tattoos and wrist bands. Iam not sure whether it is good or bad, but i would rather say "Start eating snake in the snake-eating world" (it is an old tulu proverb, my dad used to say all the time).

I pierced my ear and wore an ear ring when i have joined my PUC. My parents were pretty cool about it. When one of my teacher who was also my mom's friend complained about the pierced ring, my mom totally stood on my side. Some of my friends even tells me that my parents are pretty cool and my life is much easier because of them. To be honest they are always just like the way the other parents are, the only difference is i talk to them and let them know about my world, which most of us dont. The moment we turn into 18 we seperate ourself from our parents and let them complaint about everything we does. Please dont...Just tell them their days are gone and you are living in a different world now.

Most of my shopping will be in bangalore but occasionally i do buy some in chennai.Here is some of the shops where i do shopping...

Dollars and Pounds, adyar If you guys are looking for Cargos, i would recommend this shop, they have some good collection here and then you can look for ornaments, wrist bands, caps etc

Crack and Crazy, spencers Mountroad: One of the main reason i go to this shop because of the guy. The owner of this shop is a 22 year old muslim guy Zahid, who looks hot (something about him makes feel that he is gay). If you guys are interested in causal shirts and t-shirts this shop is a heaven. They even have some designer wears and stuff like that. And then Zahid's personal touch, his personal and physical touches are popular and mind blowing (i have his contact number too).

Cool Club, Adyar: It is a jeans world. The collections are pretty cool and also very cost effective, especially for crushed jeans and faded ones. I will not recommend this shop for any other.

Sometimes it sucks when i see a good looking guy who doesnt know what to wear. Stop copying your favourite actors on screen...Knitwears, sweat shirts, jumpers, Jackets, hoodies, Cardigans, Inserts, long sleeves, shirt sleeves and printed t-shirts have become the latest trends these days. Dont have goaties or moush or beards unless untill if you find something cool is missing on your face. Try to wear casuals and comforts rather than looking like all dressed up. There is nothing wrong being influenced by other guy's style but make sure you have your own statement added to it. Dont ever wear anything which makes you look old. Wear dresses which enlighten your looks. There is nothing holy in being simple or wearing dresses which are out of the planet.

Note: Guys, dont try too hard on Zahid, rememeber i never told you he is gay.


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