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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Must watch movies and reviews

There was this recent posting in the g4m forum about favourite movies. I posted my list of favourites and i thought it is a good idea to post the same here and give some reviews about it. As i said im crazy for good movies, i hope you guys will find the dvd and watch it.

1. Amelie - This is a french movie about a lonely girl who has some peculiar hobbies. The narrative style and Amelie's adventures of chasing the mysterious young man makes this as my all time favourite movie.

2. Nottinghill - Hollywood movie starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. Julia Roberts played the role as a popular hollywood actress and Hugh Grant as an owner of petty travel book shop in the small town Nottinghill, England. The romance between these two makes it interesting and the touch of humour is exciting.

3. Little Miss Sunshine - This is about a family trip, where all the family members are losers in their life on way or other. The family travels to Missisippi to let their 6 year old younger daughter to participate in the Kid's beauty contest. Funny and very touching, involves a gay character in the family.

4. Basketball diaries - Starring Leonardo di Caprio as a young teen guy who becomes a drug addict. Loses his best friend, break-up with his girl friend, thrown out of his house and ended up becoming a gay prostitute to buy drugs. Some gay scenes involved in it though Leornardo looks stunningly young and handsome in this movie. And his excellent performance as a struggling teenager won several awards for this film. This is a true story of a famous basketball player.

5. Black Irish - This is about an irish teenager who wants to become a baseball player, but struggles because of the problems in his family. His elder brother is a drug addict, sister becomes pregnant, his unemployed father dying of cancer and his consevative mother with a failed marriage. The movie shows how a teenager keeps up his ambition and moral in his life through all the tragedies.

6. 50 First Dates - A funny but a touching romantic movie starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.


  1. I think these movies are also quite nice:
    V for Vendetta
    Body of Lies
    Whale Rider
    Thought you might like it since i follow your postings sometimes :)

  2. Thnx dude...i hav seen the first movie, hv to check it out da remainin...thnx 4 followin my blog