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Thursday, January 15, 2009

My first experience

Last night Ar asked me about my first sexual experience( he is my best friend and he is a straight guy). We have been friends for years now, worked togather and shared the same room a year before. He is pretty cool and comfortable about me being gay. And surprisingly, i never made a move on him neither i am desperate to do so. We both are pretty comfortable in talking about gay issues and sex, though there might be some kind of chemistry in between us, but i know that even if there any physical contact accidently that would be the end of our comfort, genuine likes and respect we both had for each other.

Some of them asked me about my first sexual experience. I shared it when i was in few parties (i was in the hot seat then, have no other choice then telling them). Well, everybody remembers their first experience, first love or first date etc...i guess it will be always in your memory and comparing it with the present one, to me iam not an exceptional.

Shockingly, my first sexual experience was not with a guy, it was with a girl. I was in the beginning of my pubescent age and was so curious about sex. Though she was pretty older than me but i had that infatuation towards her, she was in my dancing class. We both used an opportunity of our loneliness and had a safe sex (well, i always carry a rubber in my wallet...till now). She must be one of the cutest girl in class and she liked me too. Well, the next day i quit my dancing class, because i learned what i wanted to know for life...the SEX.

I never had this physical attraction towards a guy till i had my first sexual experience (somewhat) with a guy. We went to a tour in a bus when i was doing my school. This guy who was my senior (2 years more than me) was sitting next to me in the bus, a Delhiite and one of the best athlete in our school. He was tall with broad shoulders and had cute brown eyes. He was sitting next to me in the bus, he offered me his blanket to share. The moment i got into his blanket he kissed my lips. I was trembling and had no clue what to do, but i liked it. Suddenly the feeling of sharing masculine or the touch and warmth of another guy gave me a new excitement. And then he was touching me all over and asking me to do the same. We both jerked off each other and cleaned ourself using a towel ( i thrown it later). But it was not a total sexual experience for me. I was then waiting for the right guy to do so.

It happened 2 years later at the time of my first year in College. I was 17 years old then and turning out to be a good looking teenager from an average shy kid. My continues work out in gym, expenses i have spent on saloons and also my expensive wardrobe was paying tribute to my new looks and style. There was this youth convention arranged by YMCA in Kodaikkanal, a hill station in Southern Tamilnadu. The convention includes trekking and games participated by representatives from five star ranked Arts and Science colleges in India. Guys from mumbai. delhi, hyderabad, pune, jaipur, bangalore, chennai, kolkata and hyderabad were present for the trekking with nearly 120 guys. Since it was a YMCA convention representatives are all men i mean guys.

The three day convention was really entertaining and hell of an experience for me which i could never forget in my life, especially the sex i had with a guy in the hills. After 7 hours of long trekking we reached the resort in Kodaikkanal at night, we were tired and our legs are aching with pain. We all slept in our respective rooms. I woke up in the morning at 5am and i saw the mist passing by the windows i thought of going for a smoke outside. I took my cigarratte pack and came outside. There i saw this tall guy with long hairs and ofcourse he was one of the sexiest guy i have ever seen standing there in his blue jeans, t-shirt and a jacket looking at me. The moment i lit my cigaratte he approached me and asked me if i could share one with him. I gave him one and introduced myself to him. He was now staring at me, i wondered why he was keep on looking at my eyes and lips. He asked if i would like to take a walk with him and i did.

After half a kilometer there was this rock surrounded by bushes and small trees and we approached it, we just leaned onto the rock and enjoying our cigarattes. His name is Shahid and he came from Mumbai and he told me that he thinks bangalore guys are pretty cool. Well i was cool too but now the cold just erupted through my body and gave my spine an itch and i was trembling of cold breeze. He looked at me and gave me a warm smile and asked me if i have a girlfriend back home. I told him "No". Well the moment i replied him, he came closer and kissed my lips. It was a long kiss, a kiss of desire. The kiss was nearly for 20 mins i could hardly breath then. He told me that he was watching me from the start of the trekking and he liked me (i wonder why). Shahid said he was fallen in love with me (hard to believe though). Believe me guys, we had removed our clothes and had sex right behind the rock. It was nearly 6am in the morning, with all the mist surrounding us and the dark. Oh my god, he was fantastic, passionate and had an awesome body. We had sex for nearly 2 hours and we both came atleast twice, i felt exhausted and we lit another pair of cigarattes and went back to the resort. Well, my first real sexual experience which i could never forget and cannot compare with any other may be some exceptional too

Note: Me and Shahid had a short term relationship for more than a year. We had sex on those 3 days at every opportunity we had. After few months he visited bangalore to see me 3 times in the same year, but we never fallen in love each other. He is currently in Sydney as an architect and still look handsome.

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