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Monday, March 23, 2009

100 reasons for being GAY

Last evening i was bit bored and felt lonely, so i called AR who is one of my straight friend and also my best friend. I asked him if he is free to come home. I must say he is an angel, whatever the circumstances, he will always give me the first preference. So he said he will come. He came to my house after my dinner time and togather we started watching the news channels. We both saw the news flashed on the screen which is about IPL shifting its venue to outside of India. We both were disappointed and shocked by the news. Because last time when IPL matches were on we as a group of friends went for couple of matches and watched it from Chepauk. I must say it was like heaven, sitting among 40,000 people, cheering, shouting and watching players like Dhoni, Yuvraj, Hayden and Ponting, truly it was amazing. This time we had plans to buy tickets too, so we had all the reasons to be disappointed this time. AR was literally shouting at me as if im the reason for the shifting of IPL this time (to give a clue about my friend AR's cricket knowledge, last time when Ganguly was being caught by Raina in the long-on trying to hit a six, but unfortunately my friend AR thought it was an LBW decision and he was jumping in joy)

Suddenly there was a power cut in Electricity supply, me and AR had to wait for nearly an hour. We both started singing songs and enjoyed the moment. AR is a terrible singer and he got a voice which sounds like tod in the rainy season, but somehow he believes that his voice matches some of the lead singers in the industry. i was literally praying that the current will be back asap so that i can escape from his music display. Thank god the power supply was back then.

We were back in my bedroom started an argument about Indian Politics at 1' o clock midnight. Whenever we are togather there will be an argument one way or other. As being a maths graduate and also an analyst in profession i always add stats in my arguments which will put AR nowhere most of the time. He was trying to fight with me in regards some of the mistakes done by our great Indian Political Leaders of the past, some of them are the pillars of our Freedom Struggle against British. Though AR had some valubale points about the mistakes of these leaders in the past which changed the course of the history, but AR tried to blame me for all these mistakes as if i was the one who nominated these leaders in 1940's and 1950's. His voice was so high which frightened me that he might bring all my neighbour's complaints in the morning. I tried to calm him down and changed the topic.

The topic moved into more personal issues like our lifestyle and choices. Suddenly AR started talking about my sexuality. He is one of my two bestfriends who knows im Gay. He had this serious doubt about me being Gay and he always consider me as a Straight guy. Here goes the conversation

AR asked me "Why do u think you are a Gay?"

I told him "well, i like guys, i like cocks, i fall in love with guys. Doesnt that mean im Gay?"

AR was shaking his head unapprovingly now and said "Then why you have had sex with Girls before"

I said "Well, it was an accident, done by on demands"

AR said "No, if you are gay, you shouldnt liked the sex with girls, isnt it?"

I said "well no, being gay is not only my sexual preference but it is my lifestyle preference, i cant fall in love with a girl, but i can have sex with them"

AR was furious now and said "what is that mean? i guess you are confused"

I said "no, im not, if i see a girl in nude i dont get an erection, only when they touch me i will be excited. But in a guy's case if i see him in nude i will be having a hard-on, he doesnt even have to touch me, even if he looks at me that will excite me more"

AR said "So being Gay is only for sex, right?"

I said "well, according to me, not every good looking guy attracts me. its more of liking him mentally then shifting onto physically to know him more"

AR was now totally confused, he said its getting late now, so he went to sleep. When i was sleeping next to him and listening to his snoring. I felt bit of relaxed and thankful to him. Not only he cares for me and being their for me when i needed, i can also have this kind of conversation about my sexuality with him without any uneasiness. He always gives me the comfort to share my feelings, once i even told him that im in love with him knowing that he is a straight guy. Friend like AR is a gift to a gay guy like me. No matter whether he is blunt in Cricket knowledge or sings with a horrible voice or snores like bear i simply value the friendship with him. I will never spoil our wonderful friendship for a matter of 2 minutes sexual desire. It is difficult to find someone like him who can open up conversation with you and bring your inner feelings which answers your deep thought questions.


  1. Hi viki,Lucky you. It is difficult to have a straight guy as a close friend who knows you are gay.

  2. You must be really Lucky! :-)
    Even though he is very nice, the mere fact that he is straight makes it difficult for him to see the obvious... to understand why it is 'normal' for men to fall in love with other men. I'm quite sure that such friendships can help cure this 'ignorance'!
    Wish you and your friend a wonderful time together for life!

  3. Hi.. Me to have such a best friend. he knows me as a gay.. but not wants to talk such things with him. but he remains with me as usual....

  4. i am very lucky,,, i have many straight guys who know that i am a gay.. even i feel in love with one of that guy, but he never cared abt that and stills loves me as a friend........

  5. hmmm having such a open minded friend is an advantage, first we never feel like ashmed infront of other straight guys and second we have a real friend without lust. see even if we have BF bond of sex always important in between even if we involved mentally. but keeping such friendship without sexual satisfaction is real love
    i would like to mentioned that real and demandless love can be with straight friends, elder brother, uncle too not necessarily there should be always sex relations
    Real important thing is every one need love love and love to live happily:-)