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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Vote for the Cause

OK, after long time i have got a voter's card, im going to vote in this election. My dad was really furious on me for not voting in the last assembly election. Remember there was an assembly election sometime back in Karnataka. My dad gave me a book titled "Parliament" and asked me to read it to have some knowledge about Election and Parliament. I seriously started thinking about whom to vote for this time and i ended up confused as usual. Well, you cannot blame me, blame our political system.

When i read the Parliament book, i believe most of us misunderstood our political system or constitution. Our constitution law clearly states that it is not a type of US president rule system neither it is a one party governance rule. Our fore fathers clearly understand our country and also the diversities of people. Going through our consitution methods we dont really need a one party rule government for India. By our constitution methodology anyone can contest in an election, it doesnt mean that they have to belong to any particular party. Voters can vote for anyone who he thinks is the right candidate to his constitution. By this way after the representatives are selected they can choose the right people for cabinet and the cabinet will select the prime minister. There is really no need to announce your prime ministerial candidate before the election. Because our government is not a one man rule. It is governed by cabinet ministers. The head of the cabinet who is the PM cannot even take decision on his own. It has to come from the recommendation of the Cabinet. So our government system is kind of Cabinet rule governance unlike UK or US, it is kind of French government system. There is no real need for a ruling party or an opponent party in the Parliament/Assembly either. Bills and policies can be supported or opposed by any representative of the house. Kind of confused, huh...Well when you notice the current indian politics dominated by nearly 40 regional parties. One party governance or an opposition party is not possible at all. Our fore fathers have understood this and sighted the future clearly. They are really great and wise.

So what im trying to say here is there are lot of confusion in these 60 years of understanding our political system. A voters responsibility is not to worry about which party going to rule the country/state or who is going to be the next PM/CM. Our responsibility is to choose a right candidate from our constitution who can deliver our needs, he can even be an individual. If the 7 billion voters understood this i guess most of the problems in our political system and governance will be solved. But the political parties and leaders have strongly rooted in our mind for last 60 years, so it is difficult to change our mindset when we go for voting.

To all my gay friends, i request you to seriously consider the gay rights issues and basic human rights issues of our Country before going for voting. If we could find few representatives in Parliament who can raise their voice to support Gay and human rights issues, the future of the next generation will benefit a lot. I found few people who are contesting in this election who will support our cause. But unfortunately they are not contesting in my constitution, probably somewhere. Please remember fundamentalists will never support our cause and leaders who sound so forward thinking are not the same on Gay issues. Hmmm...confused again.

Note: As per the EC rules and regulations any personal or individual blog should not support or advertise or lean onto one sided. I believe i followed the terms quite well here, but hope our clever reader can find the hints and my leads...Jai Hind

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  1. hi viki,
    your "election campaign" was really encouraging.May be you have a future in politics roo(ha Ha)