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Friday, July 31, 2009

Newton's Theory

Written by: Vikki

Newton said "when you do something, it revert back right into your ass with full force". Well, you have to believe it without choice. You eat a list of things in a given day starting with a milk tea and then four chapattis, aloo masala, pizza, pepperoni, nuggets, tea again, mutton biryani, vegetable salad, prawn, egg masala, pepper pappad, gobi Manchurian, chicken lollypop, cappuccino, ice lemon tea, Mexican burger with extra cheese, tea again with samosa, 4 aloo gobi parotta, paneer tikka, chenna masala, fruit salad, apple milk juice and ends with a desert. Well, next morning you will see the newton’s theory implification and feel sorry for what you ate.

You curse about the hot weather the whole summer and then the rain pours down like it is not going to get another chance screws your entire evening plans including dating a hot guy. And when you step right into the street you have to do all this bungee jumping because of the rain water mixed with holy Koovam river stays everywhere on the road. Well Newton really sucks, bigtime.

Somebody said if a butterfly flaps its wings there will be a reaction somewhere in the corner of the world, it’s totally true. Don’t mistake it for Globalization. Poor butterfly has nothing to do with your commercial world; it’s just wanted to fly away from you so that it can get rid of your stinking smell. Personally I can flap my arms like a bird and fly to the moons, but finding someone special, who is my type, is really difficult.

There is this guy in g4m who kept sending messages to me quite a while ago. Obviously I was one of those guys who go for looks in the first place when I date someone, so when I saw his pictures which were not impressive, I said ‘Not interested’. Then I met the same guy in the Gay Pride after few months and I found the guy irresistibly hot, he got this sweet smile which will melt your heart right away. I sent him a message asking for a date this time he replied with ‘Sorry, you are too late’…Well, Newton’s theory again.

There are so many things in life proving Newton's theory like the immediate reaction you get from your dad while showing your Progress report or a heavy and long jerk off the never-do-it-again feeling you get after your cumshot or the hysterical comments i am going get from Newton's cousins for this article. Well, Newton is everywhere these days.

But sometime Newton looks like a stupid and his theories, especially in g4m. You keep on sending messages to some hot guy, but he never responds like our unanswered prayers to the god, you wonder whether your messages been translated into some alien language in g4m by mistake. You can forgive poor old Newton, if he ever had one profile in g4m he would have never come up with that equal and opposite reaction theory.

Obviously Newton plays every part of our life, but we must try to proof him wrong. We can’t let someone like weird looking Newton to decide our life. If things go wrong when you do something, we fight it back just like the baby which tries to walk even after several falls. Nature taught us the technique even when we were a baby. When you let someone know you are gay, there is going to be obvious reaction to it, but we are not taking it back, we fight to live the way we are, not the way they wanted. Let us show our middle finger to Newton.


  1. Hi Vikki,
    A new dimention to Newton's theory! Good,but I think that Newton would have made few changes to his theory had he met you earlir? where were you then?
    luv SIVA

  2. Hilarious!!!
    I wish you get to hear from Newton's cousins very soon... he he he...